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Here are two useful links for those who have a Dublin local history
This is Ken Finlay's website. Ken is a journalist with one of the Dublin freebee papers and has a deep interest in local history. He has worked on local radio and even interviewed me on Dundrum Local Radio.
His website is amazing, in that he has scanned in the text of multitudes of writings on the local history of the Dublin area - as well as the usual proof-reading and reformatting that follows the act of scanning. These texts, including several complete books, illustrations and all, are available on the site. He keeps the site up to date and has regular (?weekly) changes to the main article.  A must for all those interested in Dublin.
Trish Loughman is a teacher in Larkin Community College in north Dublin. Her website also has a Dublin slant and includes an index to surnames and trades taken from Shaw's Dublin Directory for 1850 as well as an almost-complete list of mayors/Lord mayors of Dublin and a few other things.

A valuable aspect of the site is her links page, which includes various organisations, private, commercial and government, that have a relevance for local history. This links page would have an interest wider than the Dublin area.Trish does not update her site as often as Ken, but it is nonetheless a useful one to visit.

A Site suggested by Emmanuel LeRoy Ladurie in "The Territory of the Historian"

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