Answer three questions. Illustrate your answers, where applicable, with examples drawn from your research or other case studies which you have read.

1.    What themes should be most important in the writing of local history in Ireland?

2.    How has your approach to local history been influenced by reading English studies in local history?

3.    Why do you think the study of county history is potentially misleading to the local historian?

4.    To what extent is the study of local history the story of 'particular places'?

5.    What differentiates the study of local history from that of national history? How are the two disciplines connected?

6.    'Geography is essentially about places while history is about people and so there is little that one can learn from practitioners of the other.' Comment on this from the point of view of the local historian.

7.    How applicable do you think the models developed for the study of local history in France by Ladurie are to the Irish situation?

8.    What do you understand by the term 'community'? How useful do you find it in organising local historical research?

9.    'The study of politics is largely irrelevant to understanding the local experience in the past.' Do you think this is a reasonable comment?