MA in Local History


Note: This project forms a compulsory part of the assessment for this course The conventions of Irish Historical Studies should be used throughout.

1. Give a description of an archaeological monument in your area. A length of approximately 1000 words is recommended. The description should be accompaniedby plans, elevations and photographs.

2. Using the information in your description, provide a reconstruction (in words or by means of illustration, or both) of what the building looked like originally and, if relevant, of how the appearance of the building was modi:fied through time (approximately 250 words).

3. How is the building dated? if the principal evidence is documentary, you will need to supply supporting evidence (approximately 250 words).

4. What other buildings can this example be usefully compared with? What does one learn from the process of comparing like monuments with like? (approximately 250words).

5. What does one learn from an examination of this building that cannot be learned from the documentary sources (approximately 250 words).

6. Provide a bibliography in accordance with the conventions of Irish Historical Studies of works consulted (no more than one page).


Recommended Reading


Barry, T. B., The archaeology of medieval Ireland (London 1987) 936.15 BAR

Edwards, Nancy, The archaeology of early medieval Ireland (London 1990) 936.15 EDW

Harbison. Peter. Pre-Christian Ireland (London 1988) 936.15 HAR

O'Kelly, M. J., Early Ireland (Cambridge 1989) 936.15 OKE

Mitchell, G. F. and Ryan, M., Reading the Irish Landscape (Dublin 1997) 911.415 MIT

Raftery, B., Pagan Celtic Ireland (London 1994) 936.15 RAF

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Ryan, Michael (ed.), The Illustrated archaeology of Ireland (Dublin 1991). 936.15 RYA

Waddell, John, The prehistoric archaeology of Ireland (London 1998) 936.15 WAD

Castles and churches

Kerrigan, P. M. Castles and fortifications in Ireland 1485-1945, Cork, 1995.941.5 KER

Leask, H. G. Irish castles. Dundalk, 1941. 728.809415 LEA

Leask, H. G. Irish churches and monastic buildings. 3 vols. Dundalk, 1955 -60 726.509415 LEA

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Sweetman, P. D. Irish castles and fortified houses. Dublin, 1995. 728.81 SWE

Particular studies

For studies of individual churches or castles consult the published Archaeological Inventory or Archaeological Survey volumes which are available for counties 

Waterford , 936.191 MOO 

Louth, 936.1882 BUC

Meath, 936.1822 MOO

Wicklow 936.184 GRO 

Wexford, 936.1885 MOO 

Carlow, 936.1882 BRI

Laois, 936.187 SWE 

Offaly, 936.186 OBR 

Cork, 936.195 POW

Galway, 936.174 GOS


Monaghan , 936.1697 BRI

and Cavan. 936.1698 ODO 

The Hayes Catalogue can be useful in directing one towards relevant publications in local and national journals before 1974. More recent information can be found in the British and Irish archaeological bibliography 1 (1997)016.9301 ARC (NOT FOR LOAN) onwards.