Sources Essay of Aine Shields.


Framework of Sources Essay on Story of Swords, 1800--1950


For the election which made the Act of Union a fact of life, and in which Swords played a part, I will try to access the Poll Book for the district. (As yet I don't know where to look for this, would be glad of guidance)

St Columba's Registry of Deeds

Swords castle Land Registry

Swords House Church of Ireland Records and Archives

Swords Village Architectural Archives (especially for Swords House)

Ordnance Records

Ordnance Memoirs

St Colmcille's Catholic Church Records.

Tenants/residents of Griffith's Valuations.

Swords Village

Census 1841 , 1901 ,1911

and later relevant census

Taxation records

Church records (all churches.)

School Records (all schools)

Education. School Registers

Inspectors Reports

National Archives Education Section.

Townlands in the Townland valuation records

immediate vicinity John O'Donovan's Placename records

I will also collect all relevant maps, as far as possible.

My chief Secondary Source will be Dalton's History of North County Dublin.


Hope this is the sort of thing you are looking for!

Aine Shields.